XDefiant Boss Reacts To Progression Issues, Outlines Changes, And Admits He Screwed Up

XDefiant Boss Reacts To Progression Issues, Outlines Changes, And Admits He Screwed Up

XDefiant Boss Reacts To Progression Issues, Outlines Changes, And Admits He Screwed Up


XDefiant, a popular free-to-play shooter from Ubisoft, has recently faced some challenges with its progression system. Mark Rubin, one of the key figures behind the game, has acknowledged these issues and promised changes to improve the player experience. Here’s a detailed look at what happened, what’s being done to fix it, and what’s coming next for XDefiant.


XDefiant Boss

The Problem with Weapon Mastery System

The main way players progressed in XDefiant was through the Weapon Mastery system. This system was designed to keep players engaged by providing a grind to unlock various in-game items, particularly weapon skins. However, the development team was concerned that players would complete this grind too quickly, making the rewards feel less satisfying.

A Change That Went Wrong

While the game was live, the team made a change to the progression system. Unfortunately, this change negatively impacted players who had already invested time and effort into progressing. Many players felt frustrated and disappointed because their hard work seemed to be devalued.

Rubin’s Apology and Plans for Improvement

Recognizing the mistake, Mark Rubin issued a heartfelt apology to the player community. He admitted that the focus should have been on introducing new grinds and challenges to keep the game fun and engaging, rather than altering the existing progression system in a way that penalized dedicated players. Rubin stated, “This was a mistake on our part and we will own that.”

Reverting and Enhancing the System

In response to the feedback, the team at XDefiant has decided to revert the progression system to its original state. Not only that, but they are also working on making it even better. This means players will once again feel rewarded for their efforts, and the grind will be more satisfying.

Upcoming Content and Features

Despite the recent issues, there is exciting content on the horizon for XDefiant. The first season of new content is set to launch on July 2. This update will include the highly anticipated Ranked playlist, which will allow players to compete against each other in a more structured and competitive environment.

New Faction: GSK from Rainbow Six Siege

In addition to the Ranked playlist, a new faction is joining the game. Fans of Rainbow Six Siege will be thrilled to hear that the GSK faction will be part of XDefiant. This crossover brings fresh characters and abilities, adding more variety and excitement to the game.

GameSpot’s Review

GameSpot, a well-known gaming review site, had mixed feelings about XDefiant. In their review, they noted, “XDefiant is unoriginal, and its disparate styles don’t quite fit together, but solid gunplay and excellent map design elevate Ubisoft’s free-to-play shooter.” Despite its flaws, the game’s core mechanics and map designs were praised for providing a solid and enjoyable shooting experience.

Looking Forward

Rubin’s acknowledgment of the issues and commitment to fixing them shows that the XDefiant team is dedicated to improving the game. Players can look forward to a better progression system, new challenges, and exciting content updates. This is a promising sign that XDefiant will continue to grow and evolve, providing a fun and engaging experience for its players.

Download the Game

If you haven’t tried XDefiant yet, now is a great time to jump in. With the upcoming changes and new content, it’s an exciting period for the game. Download this game and see for yourself how Ubisoft’s free-to-play shooter stacks up. Whether you’re a fan of competitive shooters or just looking for a new game to play, XDefiant offers a unique blend of action and strategy that’s worth checking out.


The journey of XDefiant has had its ups and downs, but the team’s responsiveness to player feedback and commitment to improvement is commendable. With new content on the way and a focus on making the game more enjoyable, XDefiant is poised to offer a better experience for both new and returning players. Stay tuned for the first season content on July 2 and get ready to dive into the world of XDefiant.


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