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Star Citizen Single-Player Campaign, Squadron 42, hit with a 3 month delay

Anybody following Star Citizen should definitely realize that the game is anything but an outsider to deferrals, and it has been hit with another. This time it is for the single-player Squadron 42 bit of the monstrous group supported task, with Cloud Imperium Games pushing back its beta discharge by a quarter of a year.

The first guide reported before the end of last year had the studio discharging the crusade’s beta in the second quarter of 2020, however, with the new plan, it is presently scheduled to land in the second from last quarter.

The thinking for this far away deferral is because of Cloud Imperium Games moving towards a stunning improvement approach over the studio, where various groups will take a shot at substance with various discharge plans, giving them two quarters to deal with highlights rather than one, ideally prompting less bugs. This technique would at present ship out quarterly real refreshes for Star Citizen, per the studio, since the groups would discharge their work in an amazing cycle.

Here’s how the studio’s lead community manager Tyler Witkin explained staggered development in simpler terms:

To oversimplify for clarity’s sake, an example of this would be that half our dev team may be working on 3.7 features, tech, and content, while the other half would be working on 3.8. Once the team working on 3.7 delivers the patch, they would then transition to 3.9. Rinse and repeat.

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The studio said that even though this new approach pushes back the campaign beta, it “will create positive results in the overall delivery and experience of Squadron 42.” The ambitious project has a large star-studded cast involved in the storyline, including Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, Henry Cavill, Gillian Anderson, and others.

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