Fortnite Festival Guitar Controller Is Back In Stock For Xbox And PC

Fortnite Festival Guitar Controller Is Back In Stock For Xbox And PC

Fortnite Festival Guitar Controller Is Back In Stock For Xbox And PC

If you’re a fan of Fortnite and love music games like Rock Band, there’s exciting news for you! The popular Riffmaster Wireless Guitar Controller from PDP is back in stock for Xbox Series X|S and PC. This controller, which also works with Xbox One, sold out quickly when it was first released earlier this year. Even subsequent restocks disappeared fast. But now, you have another chance to grab this awesome controller for the new Fortnite Festival mode.

GameStop currently has the Xbox Series X|S Riffmaster controller available for $130. They even offer free one- to three-day shipping, so you won’t have to wait long to start jamming. However, if you were hoping to get the PlayStation version, you’re out of luck for now as it has sold out again.

What Is Fortnite Festival?

Fortnite Festival is one of the coolest new game modes added to Fortnite this year. Think of it as a mashup between Fortnite and Rock Band. In fact, it was developed by Harmonix, the same team behind the original Rock Band games. This new mode lets you rock out with your friends in a musical setting within the Fortnite universe.

The Riffmaster Wireless Guitar Controller

The Riffmaster controller is actually a Rock Band 4 guitar that’s been adapted for Fortnite Festival. Back in April, Epic Games updated Fortnite to support various controllers, including Rock Band 4 guitars. The PDP Riffmaster has some impressive features:

Low-Latency Wireless Connection: You can play smoothly without annoying delays.
30-Foot Range: Move around freely without losing connection.
36-Hour Battery Life: Play for hours without needing to recharge.
Built-In 3.5mm Audio Jack: Plug in your headphones and enjoy immersive sound.

The controller also has a stylish black design and is collapsible, making it easy to store when you’re not playing. One unique feature is an analog stick located on the back of the neck, opposite the first fret button. This allows for more versatile gameplay and control.

Compatibility with Older Rock Band 4 Guitars

If you still have an old Rock Band 4 guitar at home that’s in good shape, you’re in luck. It should work perfectly with Fortnite Festival. But if your old guitar has seen better days or you simply want a new one, the Riffmaster is a great choice. It combines modern features with the classic fun of playing a plastic guitar.

Why Get the Riffmaster?
Modern Design: It’s sleek and looks cool.
Easy Storage: It folds up, so it doesn’t take much space.
Enhanced Features: The analog stick and long battery life improve your gaming experience.

Whether you’re a veteran Rock Band player or new to musical games, the Riffmaster is perfect for your rockstar dreams in Fortnite Festival. So don’t miss out! Head to GameStop and pick up your Riffmaster Wireless Guitar Controller before it sells out again.

Download this game and start your musical adventure in Fortnite Festival today!



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