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Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses

Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses


Scorpion Sentinel
Sentinel Scorpio is your first serious test when completing the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. As stated by Cloud from the very beginning, lightning magic will be most effective in combat. Luckily for you, there is the lightning matter at Barrett’s hand, so switch to it and start using it as soon as possible. As a precaution, apply steel skin to Barrett to provide all necessary protection. In the role of Cloud, use the executioner’s attacking mode and fire spells, allowing you to accumulate damage and fill the boss’s Stagger scale. But don’t get carried away. If you linger near him, he will either strike with his tailor attack you in a jump. When he fixes his laser beam on you, be prepared to block missiles. You can try to dodge, but it is difficult to do, and probably your hero will still get damaged.

Do enough damage so that the Scorpion Guard activates a barrier to block any incoming attacks. Go around him from the back and attack the vulnerable point of the generator under the tail. Use Barrett’s Focused Shot ability to deal significant damage. Cloud may continue to cast fire spells. When breaking down the barrier, stay away as the guard activates an attack on the area. Once the barrier is over, start attacking the enemy with Barrett’s lightning spells and Cloud’s executioner. When the Sentinel leaps onto the wall, switch to Barrett and use Overcharge to drop him. If you stun the boss, remember to spend ATB to use Cloud’s Braver and Barrett’s focused shot.

Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses


Guardian Scorpio.
Once you have done enough damage, the Sentinel will launch many missiles that will throw debris around the reactor. Then he will use the laser on the tail; hide behind the debris to avoid damage. It will be a devastating attack! Continue to use spells.

During this last part of the battle, Scorpio will use several attacks, including a circular EM explosion, a hail of rockets, hand lasers and a machine gun. Dodge or block incoming strikes, stay away until the Sentinel is open after the launch of a missile salvo. Then hit him and step back to hide from the laser on the tail. Use as many remote attacks of Barrett, as well as magic, so you can stay out of the range of defeat of several Scorpion abilities.

Hunter (mini-boss)
You will fight the Hunter at the end of the second chapter. He will be accompanied by Shinra soldiers. Think of it as the same rebel (Riot Trooper), but with enhanced attacks, defense, and grenades. Before tackling it, first focus on ordinary enemies, among which there is a rebel and several security officers. First, smear the officers across the floor, then focus on the rebels, which can be quickly destroyed with fire spells or punitive mode.

When the Hunter is left alone, stay away from him, as he is capable of causing serious damage and instantly counterattacking you if your blade hits his shield. Beware of his violent attack with a shield when he rushes right at Cloud and tries to knock him down. It’s hard to dodge it, so just try to prevent it. Otherwise, it is not so dangerous, so use the punitive mode to deal with damage in instant counterattacks. Once your ATB is charged, attack it with fire spells to knock down the defense. Because of this, he will fall to his knee. Shorten the distance quickly and tear it to pieces using new attacks in punitive mode. Repeat the process several times until you destroy the enemy.

Roche (motorcycle chase)
At the end of your motorcycle ride in Chapter Four, you’ll come across Rosh. This maniac pumped up with adrenaline will cause a lot of pain. First, use protection and dodge the sword. You can avoid most attacks if you deviate from right to left. When the enemy is not nearby, use L1 + “triangle” to attack the enemy from afar.

When Roche drives up to the tunnel, it means that he will begin to send vertical lightning strikes. Do not think about the attack. Instead, keep an eye on his attacks and dodge them in a timely manner. If you can charge a ranged attack, use it. However, the main thing is protection!

Roche will eventually jump from the side of the tunnel and will be right in front of you, so try to move from one side to the other to dodge the attacks. This must be done at the moment when you see that he is going to move. Usually after that he will stay nearby for some time, so use the moment for your own attack. Be consistent in evading and dealing damage.

Roche (Shinra Warehouse)
This second encounter with Roche is more likely a duel on swords, and here you will need to rely on your defense. By blocking Roche’s attacks, you can knock back an enemy, making him vulnerable for a few seconds. Attack him by doing combo hits. The more you hit or block it, the easier it will be to interrupt its movement.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: how to defeat all the bosses


Guardian Crab.

Roche will begin the battle with a long series of attacks. Be patient and stand before you can complete your combo. If he begins to attack, dodge to the side before he can make the final, spinning attack. From time to time he will use spells of matter, so keep an eye on him and dodge as soon as you notice the corresponding animation (he is preparing an attack). Stick to the guard and use the counterattack in punitive mode – a great tool that can be opposed to its speed without prejudice to its attacking actions. Think of the battle as a real duel with swords. This means that you need to block and resist his attacks, waiting until he is exhausted or will be discarded, and then do your combo (when he rebounds from the protection of the hero). He is also vulnerable to fire,

Do enough damage and ultimately the second phase will begin. Roche will be much more aggressive and agile, learn to quickly dodge most attacks and try to stun you with powerful throwing lunges. However, Roche is still vulnerable in that you can also block his attacks. Hold on to the defensive stance of the punitive mode and continue to attack the boss. Evade when you see that he is about to cast a spell. Also, until the enemy is stunned, avoid using ATB capabilities. Repeat until you win.

Crab Warden
There are many targets on the Crab’s body, and to cope with it once and for all, you will have to destroy each of its paws. The enemy is weak in front of lightning magic, so before you join the battle, collect the appropriate matter. The more you have, the better. Give Barrett the scope to move away from the fighting and support the melee with his spells.

As soon as the battle begins, Crab electrifies the railroad tracks, so make sure not to stand on them. He will repeat this action from time to time, so watch out for the monster and avoid getting on the rails. Once the electricity is gone, let Cloud and Typhus attack the monster’s paws in close combat. In parallel, do not forget about the character who was given the lightning matter, so that he strengthens your melee fighters, endowing attacks with magic. Attack the paws from the side and back, as most of the guns are in front. Be careful with EMP attacks on the area. It can do a lot of damage, so stay away. Repeat the attack and defense cycle until you break the paw to defeat the crab. Use this moment to inflict ATB damage on a monster.

Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses

Guardian Crab.
Guardian Crab will begin to use new attacks. This will happen as he takes more and more damage. Ultimately, two rocket launchers will appear on the side. It’s hard to dodge their shells, so be prepared to defend yourself to reduce damage. Keep attacking with lightning. Missiles are a serious threat, so it’s important to focus on their destruction. This will cause the Crab to expose its generator. Unleash everything you can on him to quickly finish off the boss.

Airbuster is a unique boss because the decisions you make with the fifth reactor will affect the complexity of the battle. You can find as many as 6 key cards by exploring the laboratory of the reactor. Each of these key cards can be used to remove one of the monster’s guns. Removing AI cores will reduce the boss’s movement speed, remove his ability to deliver stunning attacks. By getting rid of Big Bomber shells, you will deprive the boss of the opportunity to use large, causing significant damage to explosives. Removing M-units, you will get random items that can be used before the battle. On the other hand, this will not reduce the effectiveness of the boss himself. Decide what to remove from the boss based on your playing style. In my case, the difference was noticeable,

If you have elemental matter, then this is a great time to apply it. Choose lightning material for Barrett so that he can shoot charged bullets that increase damage and quickly increase the boss’s Stagger scale.

The battle itself will begin with Cloud being separated from Barrett and Typhus. There will be a boss in front of him. Select a guard rack to block all incoming shots and laser beams. Avoid mines that he will periodically scatter. Close the gap and attack in close combat, but keep in mind that the boss will use static electricity to knock you back. That is, you do not need to linger for a long time near the enemy. Use magic spells instead. The boss is vulnerable to lightning – just like Guardian Crab. Attack the enemy with enough lightning to stun for a few seconds, and then approach and attack with ATB abilities.

Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses

If Cloud takes too much damage, you can use Barrett’s Savior ability. After some time, Airbuster will turn to face Barrett and Typhoid. In the role of Cloud, you can approach him to inflict damage. However, avoid fighters that will periodically attack you.

When the second phase comes, you will need to deal with the powerful laser of the boss. Dodging an attack is easy. But to do this is important, otherwise you will get severe damage. From now on, the boss will shoot lasers. When this happens, stop everything and run.

Now you can get close to the boss and hit close, continuing to use as many lightning spells as possible. After a short time, the boss’s hands will be divided, an electric arc will appear between them. When this happens, focus the fire on one of them to destroy it as soon as possible. You can use remote attacks and Barrett’s magic. Hands will move to another platform and will soon try to hit you. Just stay away from them.

At this point, you should be able to use the call. After you do enough damage to your hands, he will remove them back to the main body. Hit him as lightning magic as possible, and then use the rest of the possibilities.

When Airbuster’s health margin drops below half, it will freeze on the side of the platform, falling outside your melee attacks. Switch to Barrett and shoot his weapons while continuing to use as much lightning magic as possible. When the boss returns, get close to him again with melee fighters and attack with all the tricks.

Be careful and watch the movements of the Airbuster. He can raise one of his fists to crush the earth with a big blow. It will either fire machine guns or use flamethrowers. When you see that he is preparing any of these attacks, just dodge to the side. During rotation, he will also shoot from his powerful laser, covering a large area. Therefore, when you see this, be prepared to run.

Continue to attack the boss, his health will gradually decrease. Near the end of the battle, additional attacks may appear. For example, he can shoot a large grenade at one of your heroes. However, by this time everything will already be practically decided.


As soon as the battle begins, kill the security officers. Triple Slash might come in handy here. When you kill everyone, focus on Renault. You must maintain a balance between speed and measured protection. Like the battle with Roche, this is a kind of duel with swords, and you need to block Renault’s attacks to reveal it and attack in response. He loves to jerk in your direction, then attack from behind, so when he shortens the distance, be prepared to defend yourself. Renault can be easily injured with timely attacks in punitive mode, but any block of its electric baton will allow you to strike back. You must be sure that you block attacks on time, because the baton not only deals damage, but also stuns you. If ATB is enough, then watch out for its punitive attacks using Focus Thrust.

Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses

In the end, Renault will start throwing EMP mines that will soar around and generate an electric field between them that stuns your characters, making them open to attack. Run away from mines or destroy them with the help of magic spells. Or attack close, but at that moment, until they are charged with electricity. Otherwise, you will be shocked. Especially dangerous mines become closer to the end of the battle, when Renault will chase you close, trying to attack while you are focused on the mines. Therefore, keep a safe distance.
Extra boss – Shiva (recommended during chapter 8)
If you are in touch with the Shinra intern, Chadley, he should provide you with a new battle scenario in which you battle the called-up being Shiva. Fight is needed to get new matter. Take Aeris with you, as only Cloud will be harder to fight.

Shiva is an ice creature that is vulnerable to fiery magic. Give Aeris your best fire stuff, be sure to equip Ifrit, and then go to battle. Cloud can take care of itself, so it’s best to manage Aeris to use its ATB capabilities as soon as possible. The more fire or fiery spells you cast on Shiva, the faster you can defeat the monster. Use the Aeris Arcane Ward ability, which allows you to use two spells for each ATB scale that you spend to maximize the damage done. A good fire spell will stun Shiva, allowing Cloud to deliver his own melee attacks. But do not stand next to Shiva when the monster gets to its feet, as the enemy uses an attack on the area.

Continue casting spells on Shiva, not forgetting to help Aeris survive. You need to be sure that Aeris evades any danger, especially the Blizzara spell. Shiva will summon several ice crystals that will attack you. Dodging such an attack is wrong. Therefore, block it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses

Once you do enough damage, Shiva will become more aggressive. She will cast spells much faster. Ice familiar will protect her and increase the number of spells cast. Keep using spells to destroy the minions, but beware of the White Out attack: a few ice crystals will be sent underground in your direction. If they hit you, you will be stunned, and Shiva will try to carry out a powerful, but slow magic attack “Heavenly strike”. A large ice crystal will appear above the sleeping character. Switch quickly to another hero and use Smelling Salts to wake the sleeper, then take control again and dodge the large crystal.

As soon as you can get Ifrit in the battle, call him up and start using your abilities, causing significant damage and knocking Siva off balance. Fire attacks will soon overwhelm the boss, allowing you to deal a lot of damage. When Shiva has about a quarter of his health, she will inflict a crushing blow on your entire group. Before this happens, be sure to heal the heroes or die from one hit. After that, continue to cast fire spells until Shiva is finished.

After the battle with Renault, you will sooner or later encounter his friend Ryud. Be sure to bring wind matter with you, especially if you use it through Aeris, as this element will help you a lot.

Ryud is the opposite of Renault. In the sense that he uses strong and powerful attacks that are difficult to block. Instead, you should be prepared to dodge to avoid significant damage. Also focus on dodging to the side, not back, as Ryud will perform combo attacks while moving forward. Therefore, even if you roll back, it is likely that Ryud will still get you. Stay away from his Haymaker attack, which does a lot of damage. Use deadly evasion.

Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses
Aeris will be ignored by Ryud, so use this opportunity to cast spells on him. Wind magic significantly increases the boss’s Stagger scale, so you can quickly stun him. Try to deal with Cloud closely, focus on wind magic and don’t forget to use her Pray ability to support the whole group. Switch to Aeris every time you feel Cloud is having trouble.

After you figure out the first strip of Ryud’s health, the second phase will begin. He will use Shockwave and Spirit Geyser attacks. In the first case, we are talking about a shock wave moving along the ground after you, and in the second – the appearance of explosive geysers under the character’s feet. In both cases, keep moving and you can do without serious damage. Apply wind magic and soon you can defeat the enemy.

Hell House
A difficult battle awaits you, so you need to prepare for it well. Distribute magic material to Cloud and Aeris to get spells covering all four elements – fire, wind, ice and lightning. Also a great idea is to remove elemental matter from your weapon. you need a balance between the elements, since the Hell House will constantly switch between different elements, using a barrier to protect it from certain attacks. This means that if there is a spontaneous element in your weapon that matches the selected element of the Hell House, then all attacks will be simply useless. Take on as much of the air as possible.

At the beginning of the battle, take a look at the windows of the Hell House. When they are red, the house’s barrier is set to the elements of fire, green – wind, yellow – lightning, blue – ice. You need to use spells of the opposite element, which will significantly increase the boss’s Stagger scale. Therefore, if the barrier is built of fire, use ice, and if it is wind, then you need lightning.

At the first stage, the house will scatter explosive furniture and toys, so stay away. The Chair Salvo attack launches a bunch of chairs in you that will chase the hero like homing missiles. But you can avoid them if you continue to run around the arena and you will not slow down. When stuffed animals are scattered at home, stay away from them, as these are bombs. Another attack, Hospitality, is dangerous, so try to escape. The monster will try to suck one of your characters into the house, removing it from the battle and dealing a lot of damage. If during this attack you can hit the house with a spell of the opposite element, then do this to interrupt the reception.


Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses

Hell House.
The first stage is not too difficult, especially if you have magic opposite to its barrier. After the house misses enough damage, a more aggressive second phase will begin. From now on, it will be more difficult to determine which barrier is placed on the Hell House. You will have to follow his attacks to determine the type of magic used. Stay away from the Jetstream attack, during which the house will spin, spraying fire, and then ice. Do the same with the Double Rocket Charge attack, when the house shoots right at you. Run to the side to avoid the first charge, but be aware that two more will follow. During Housing Shock, it will chase you to do electric damage, so try to attack it with the wind. The updated version of Hospitality is a wind attack, so use magic.

The hard part of this battle is actually related to the immortality regime of the Hell House. The house will create a barrier that will significantly reduce the damage from physical and magical attacks, and will not be tied to any element. When this happens, set the hands of the Hell House as your target. Shoot them. A pair of large Aeris spells or Cloud ATB attacks should be enough to damage the boss and knock down the barrier, opening it up for normal attacks. Do not try to stop. Once the barrier is gone, hit Hell House with any spell with the highest damage. And watch the color of the windows. You will have a short period to deliver a powerful blow.


You need to act fast. Once you inflict damage on the boss with a suitable elemental, close the gap and attack with Cloud’s punisher or ATB abilities to inflict as much damage as possible. But do not forget to monitor the health status of your squad. Use various items and spells aimed at healing.

At the last stage, Hell House will use the Heavensward attack, moving around the arena, scattering more chairs and other explosives. If you keep moving, you can avoid most missiles. Charge the ATB scale to launch attacks in a timely manner.

Extra boss – Fat Chocobo (you can fight before)
Fighting fat Chocobo is a lot easier than fighting Shiva, but you still need to be confident. The summoned creature does not have any serious vulnerabilities, so you just need to use the most powerful attacks and spells. The best way to defeat the enemy is to use ATB abilities such as Cloud and Focused Thrust from Cloud. Choose the ones you like the most and do a lot of damage. Aeris may support you with his spells. Continue to beat the enemy by filling in his Stagger scale.

Chocobo uses physical attacks, so you can use protective material to protect the unit. Using the Wark attack, the monster throws random rubbish at you that is easy to dodge. When you get too close, beware of the Boom attack when the bird flies up into the air and falls down, striking a big blow to the area. After a while, the boss will roll using the Roly Poly technique. Act quickly and dodge attacks.

Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All BossesGhoul

Fat Chocobo.
Meanwhile, Moogle, hovering around Chocobo, sometimes causes ghosts that haunt you. Kill them as soon as possible using Triple Strike, or let Aeris handle them with magic while you attack Chocobo himself. Sometimes you will need to switch to Aeris to speed up the growth of ATB for healing spells. Especially if Cloud missed some serious monster attacks.

When you get a chance, call Ifrit or Shiva to put even more pressure on Chocobo. The further you advance through the battle, the more enemy minions will appear in the arena. They should not bother you too much, but if you see that they are beginning to cause serious damage, then take time and destroy them before switching to the boss.

After a real nightmare, which I’m sure you experienced in a battle against the Hell House, you will find a fairly easy battle with an enemy who is more susceptible to physical damage. At the same time, magic almost does not fill his Stagger-scale. Absu is vulnerable to fire, so all three heroes should be given fiery matter. Equip the fire element on Cloud’s weapons, and also make sure that one of the characters can summon Ifrit. If you have Star Pendants, equip them for heroes because Abzu loves to use poison. If there is only one, you can equip the cleansing with Aeris and use Esuna to remove negative affects. Finally, nothing prevents you from using banal antidotes.

As stated above, this will be a physical battle, so Cloud and Typhoid will be the main damagers. The tried and tested method works well: the punitive mode of Cloud and Typhus, increasing the Stagger scale, and Aeris with its healing spells. When she can, let him cast fire spells on the enemy. By knocking out Horn, you will call Pressured special status, so at this moment you need to attack the main body of Absu using focused abilities. Call Ifrita as soon as you can, redirect all ATBs to him, since with the help of Crimson Drive and Radiant Plume you can do much more damage (than with normal attacks).

Absu will jump into the sewers to put out the fire, which will give you a break. You can heal or charge ATB. There are only three attacks that you should take seriously. Reception Pounce: Abzu clings to the wall and prepares to attack. Dodge it, running away (not rolling!) To the side, otherwise you will receive the status of Bound, which will lead to permanent damage. Have to shoot him down with another character. Backwater Blast can do a lot of damage, but the attack is much easier to dodge. Just run as far as possible from the sewer grate, to the left, and the sewage will not touch you. Finally, he will use the Backwash Spout technique, creating poisonous whirlpools on the floor. Just avoid touching them, and soon they will disappear.



After reducing his health by less than half, he will claim Enrage status. His attacks will do more damage, but the strategy as a whole remains the same. Continue to exploit its vulnerabilities using Breakthrough Limit (where possible) and the battle will end soon.

Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses

Start with the block to defend yourself against the furniture that the ghoul throws. He is vulnerable to fire, lightning, and ice spells, so use them after dodging. Ghoul also has several attacks that will lead to silence and make it impossible to use magic. And his stunning attack can lead to a stun for 10 seconds. If silence hangs on someone from your party, use a little echo fog.

Later in battle, the Ghoul will throw a member of your squad into the air. However, the ghoul you see is a trick. When this happens, turn off the target capture and look in another part of the room to attack the real ghoul. He will be forced to free the character. The boss is not very strong, so continue to put pressure on him and soon win.

Eligor is a ghostly chariot vulnerable to the elements of ice. The magic of ice and the call of Shiva are practically all that you can use in battle, since ordinary physical attacks will not bring the desired result. Stay away from the laser attack of Eligor Piercing Gaze and be careful with his tricks aimed at reducing the distance. If he gets too close, hit him with Cloud attacks using deadly dodge or punitive mode. You can also use the “Unbridled Power” of Typhus.

Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses

Renault and Ryud.

After a while, Eligor will fly into the air and be out of range for physical attacks. Therefore, attack him with Aeris, but do not forget for Pray and Healing Wind to heal the group. As soon as Eligor descends, he will start throwing darts, so dodge and hide behind the container until it is destroyed. At the last stage, shoot at its wheels until you finally defeat the enemy.

Renault and Ryud
This time, two opponents will unite to try to get rid of you once and for all. In addition to the old tricks, there are new trump cards in the sleeves of Renault and Ryud. This time, Renault will move faster, so do not expect to be able to hit it with slow Braver and Divekick. Try to feel its pace, as one of its attacks leaves a lightning trail on the ground that can cause damage to anyone who gets on it. Renault also has a lot of combos, so be sure that each character in the group has at least 3/4 of the total HP, so that the enemy could not suddenly catch you by surprise.


Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses

Renault and Ryud.
While you’re busy fighting Renault, Ryud will support his buddy from the air by flying a helicopter. He periodically arranges a bombardment, but if you stay in the middle of the area, then everything will be in order. Through time, Renault uses the Pyramid attack, which freezes one of the group members. Command another character to attack the pyramid to free an ally before Ryud can shoot them from a helicopter. Once you inflict enough damage on Renault, the Ryuda helicopter will crash and it will join the ground battle.

As with most group battles, try to focus on destroying one enemy. My advice is to attack Ryud first, because on earth it is practically harmless. Renault is much more agile, able to repel attacks. But if you eliminate Ryuda, then Renault will not be able to fight against the three heroes.

Abzu (second battle)
During this battle, Abzu will use many physical attacks, and small opponents will constantly revive throughout the battle. Use the Cloud Punisher as it is the most effective weapon. Abzu is still vulnerable to fire magic, Ifrit inflicts a lot of damage. You can block a Pounce attack or cancel a charged lunge. Absu will continue to use the Blackwater Blast repeatedly, so you need to keep an eye on the pipes placed around the location and be prepared to dodge when the water is pouring.

This boss is vulnerable to lightning and wind spells. At the start of the battle, the Valkyrie will be in the sky, so use Barrett’s ranged attacks or lightning spells against her. After completing the Stagger scale, the Valkyrie draws closer, allowing Cloud and Typhus to attack close. The Valkyrie will shoot through a drone that can be launched by a satellite with a laser that moves across the battlefield and deals a ton of damage. As soon as the enemy uses Drill Dive, it will get stuck in the ground and be vulnerable to melee attacks.


Specimen ho512
Like Abzu, H0512 calls on small assistants who need to be destroyed as soon as possible. Shoot the left claw to quickly trigger the Pressured status. In the second stage, H0512 will become more aggressive using physical attacks, but due to this, you can use the punisher from Cloud. In the third stage of the battle, the boss can use his assistants as bombs, so kill them faster and then focus on the claw.

The battle will begin with Barrett and Cloud, and after that will switch to Typhus and Aeris. It’s difficult to hit the enemy with physical attacks, as he can cause you damage and interrupt the attack using the spikes on his body. Barrett’s ranged attacks quickly fill his Stagger scale. As soon as the health reserve is reduced to half, the boss will move to the location with Typhoid and Aeris. You will have the opportunity to change matter before the perspective changes.

Aeris basic attack and Tempest ability are the safest way to attack. Be careful with the console in the center of the location, as it can block the view of the monster. When he uses Live Wire, run in the opposite direction to avoid serious lightning damage.

Jenova, Dreamweaver
Genova has tentacles that must be cut before an opportunity to damage the body appears. A Vengeance attack does a lot of damage, so be prepared to use a healing spell or Phoenix Down. As soon as the health reserve drops below half, tentacles will begin to appear on the floor. Attack them as soon as possible to make the boss vulnerable. If the character is thrown back, then use the pillars in the room as temporary shelters. Keep moving to avoid the slow but powerful attacks of Genova. In the end, you will defeat her.

Rufus and the Dark Star
At the first stage, do not worry about Rufus. Instead, focus on the Dark Star. The secret to defeating her is to use the Cloud Punisher whenever an adversary uses Whirlwhip. This will cause a lot of damage and impose Pressured status. Perform as many hits as possible, after which Rufus will be left alone.

He will dodge and block most of your attacks. The secret to defeating him is to wait for the recharge. It is at this point that the boss will be vulnerable to your attacks. Block his attacks if he uses Guns Akimbo, or dodge when he uses Bright Lights.

At the beginning of the battle, the boss will be protected by a barrier that is generated with the help of many drones. Aeris and Barrett are participating in the battle, so the focus should be on long-range attacks. To defend against the weapons of the boss himself, use the pillars placed in the arena. The arsenal is vulnerable to attack spells, so be prepared to switch between partners and make sure that the one behind has ATB reserves. At the last stage of the battle, you should focus on causing damage and try to kill the boss as soon as possible, since with his last attack he can destroy the entire group.




This is the last battle in the game, so do not be afraid to spend the remaining elixirs, ether or mega potions. During the first phase, Cloud fights one-on-one with Sephiroth. Therefore, it is possible to significantly simplify the situation with the help of barrier and acceleration spells. When Sephiroth uses Telluric Fury, use the Punisher to do damage and gradually fill the Stagger scale.



As the battle progresses, the rest of the team will join you. Everything will depend on how Cloud treated them during the game. A new character will appear during the second phase of the battle. Avoid attacking Sephiroth when he uses Scintilla, as he can powerfully counterattack you.

During the third phase, Sephiroth will have a black wing, he will act much more aggressively. At this point, a third character will appear. Let one of the heroes focus on healing, as Sephiroth will inflict serious damage using normal attacks and spells. Throughout the battle, he will use Elemental Infusion, which tells the gamer which spells the boss will use in the future. Use the Breakthrough of Limit that you have, as the goal of this phase is to end the battle as soon as possible. If the battle drags on, Sephiroth will simply destroy the character.



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Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat All Bosses
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