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Cheq fraud reveal another $16M by ads

Cheq fraud, a startup concentrated on avoiding advertisement extortion and guaranteeing that promotions run in brand-safe conditions, has brought $16 million up in Series B subsidizing.


At the point when the organization raised its $5 million Series A last year, CEO Guy Tytunovich stood out Cheq’s methodology from what he called “original answers for advertisement check” — as opposed to recognizing misrepresentation. different issues after a promotion has just run. He said Cheq is increasingly proactive and can square promotions from being served continuously.

I got up to speed with Tytunovich yesterday, and he disclosed to me that this methodology stays one of Cheq’s qualities.

Simultaneously, he additionally recognized that “discounts, refunds and make products” are enabling sponsors to accomplish a sort of retroactive avoidance. So he’s undeniably centered around Cheq’s exactness.

Tytunovich proposed that:

As opposed to just depending on watchwords (a methodology that may recommend that a generally harmless article like “LeBron James slaughtered it the previous evening” isn’t a fitting spot to serve a promotion), Cheq is analyzing 1,200 unique variables. Searching for peculiarities or looking where the cheq fraud did some messy work.


He included, “We explore each and every impression in JavaScript. We are very deterministic, to not cause this harm of bogus positives and bogus negatives.”

 Tytunovich said

Furthermore, said that notwithstanding the quantity of organizations handling the issue, extortion is as yet developing. He indicated an ongoing report from Cheq evaluating that misrepresentation will cost sponsors $23 billion this year.


“We’re unquestionably finding in advertisement misrepresentation, not simply various sorts of complex extortion. As time passes by we see increasingly more of that composed wrongdoing kind of promotion extortion. Which is intriguing from one perspective, yet, in addition, it’s sort of alarming all things considered.”


The new sponsoring driven Battery Ventures (which furthermore drove the Series An) and MizMaa Ventures. The last is an Israeli firm that Tytunovich said as of now “helped enormously” with things like presentations, even before making a venture.


Cheq is additionally moving into new zones like associated TV and reassure gaming.

Tytunovich said

He needs the organization to turn into the “insusceptible arrangement of the web”. On which doesn’t simply mean identifying promotion misrepresentation, yet in addition, turning into “an answer for everything that sucks about advanced publicizing explicitly. Things like phony news and how publicizing identifies with that.”

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