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The Best Free Games on PC Steam 2020 Top Game Download

Best Free Games 2020 The Top free PC games on Steam

Best Free Games 2020 The Top free PC games on Steam

We bring you a list of the best free games from PC, Steam, Epic Games Store, and more from this 2020. We explain how and where to play them and much more.
You may have seen this report on the pages of Meditation and you have been encouraged to enter, but most likely you are here because an idle afternoon you searched the search engine for “free games” and (fortunately) landed here. In any case, apart from welcoming you, we want to offer you something a little different. Almost all video game magazines have free game reports (this same magazine in fact has published several throughout the years) is a popular theme that always arouses interest and curiosity in a wide range of veteran and novice players. But the majority of reports of this type are limited to releasing a more or less long stream of names – almost all the same – with a description, and that’s it. Without detracting from the work carried out by these texts and their usefulness to thousands of readers, we want to do something different with this article.


Best Free Games 2020 The Top free PC games on Steam

Best Free Games 2020 The Top free PC games on Steam

We will give some proper names, yes, but in addition to that we will explain the different alternatives that the PC player has to play for free, the places of reference, the differences between the payment models and, ultimately, we are not only going to leave a list of names, we will also “teach how to fish”, leaving the means for the reader to start their own search for free games and find what they are looking for, because the alternatives are many and go beyond the Fortnite or the DOTA on duty.


Best Free Games 2020 The Top free PC games on Steam

The best free games on PC Steam 2020


“Free” does not mean the same everywhere
For those who are completely new and are not familiar with this topic, some basic notions. The first thing is that, yes, with a computer you can play thousands of games completely free (legally). But there are different types of “free” that could be classified by their name in English: “Free to Play”, “Pay What You Want” and “Free”. The “Free to Play” or “F2P” are games that you can play for free, but that have payment options, either to access certain content, either to unlock characters or skins, or to progress faster, depending of the game and its model that is something that must be investigated well before investing much time in it. The “Pay What You Want” are titles with voluntary payment of an indie and experimental nature, made by developers who are learning, experimenting or who simply wanted to embark on a small and fast project, without all the baggage that comes to market; They are completely free but, optionally, if you are very satisfied with the experience or just think they deserve it, you can leave a tip for the work done.


The best free games on PC Steam 2020

The best free games on PC Steam 2020


They are not the only alternatives to play for free on PC.

In the past, what came to be called “shareware” became very popular, codes that were distributed free of charge with a portion of the game available and that left the possibility of unlocking the complete game for payment if the interested party had enjoyed the experience; Classics like Doom were born as part of this phenomenon. Its current equivalent would be in some MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV, which allow you to play for free with up to a certain level before starting to ask for a monthly fee to continue. Then there are the demos,very popular a few years ago even for large productions, but which have now been reduced to a smaller role – although they are still an interesting alternative to try a wide variety of modest productions. And finally there is the most current iteration of the demo, which are limited in time and do include more commercial and multiplayer games – on Steam there are usually one or more of these temporary demos every weekend.

The most popular free PC games
These are some of the most played and popular free games of the moment, with those names well known by many but which should be kept in mind for new readers who join and want to know immediate options.


Fortnite: Battle Royale:

A true phenomenon that brings together millions of players and spectators every week. Fortnite is actually made up of two parts: Save the World, the original paid concept, which is a mix between team shooting game and Minecraft, and Battle Royale, which is the free part (and played by the vast majority of the user base), which is an all against all among 100 players in which the objective is to be the only survivor . Its casual tone, its dynamism, how easy it is to start playing and the great flexibility provided by the construction system are some of the features that distinguish it from others. The Battle Royale mode is, as we said, free with micropayments of a purely aesthetic nature.


League of Legends:

The game that sparked the MOBA fever, knowing how to take advantage of the popularity of the Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III and reinterpreting his ideas to bring them to the general public. From this root, a global game has been born, whose world and characters continue in permanent conceptual and aesthetic expansion. It’s a demanding game to startAs you team up with four other players and take on five others, choosing from a wide range of characters with unique abilities, making it easy to feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities, details to learn and the pace of the battle itself. Of course, once inside, it is a title that leaves you trapped for years. It is free and you can play for years without paying a euro, but you have to accumulate “blue essence” ingame, or pay, if you want to play with a specific champion. The selection of free champions is changing and it is perfectly functional to play with them, but in order to choose you need time or the fast way to pay.




IceFrog, one of the main creatives behind the Defense of the Ancients mod, signed for Valve to create DOTA 2, the great rival of League of Legends in the MOBA genre and the most established alternative to it. The concept is the same: two teams of five facing each other on a map, aiming to take down rival defenses and take down their base. It is even more complex than its rival, more strategic and with many concepts to learn to be competitive, but equally irresistible once you have mastered yourself and you have a stable team to play with. Unlike LOL, in DOTA 2 and you can access any champion among the 117 there are without putting money, although paying a monthly subscription has certain advantages such as access to the paid amateur tournament Battle Cup and a game assistant that can mark the It makes a difference when it comes to making good decisions in your game and career – it is not essential at all, but if you are clear that you are going to play DOTA 2 for a long time, it can be a useful service.



Dota 2 and League of Legends are the two great alternatives within MOBA / ARTS, but they are not the only ones. SMITE has managed to gain a foothold by betting on its own values ​​that make it a solid and sufficiently independent alternative. A different camera and control system, more focused on giving direct action to the player, give the title a different personality compared to the quasi-RTS action of the previous two. It is also more colorful and spectacular , with great powers displayed by the gods involved in the fighting. The game follows a model similar to that of LOL, with a “free rotation” that allows us to play for free with a part of the template, in addition to the possibility of paying to get direct access to all the characters.





Blizzard surprised with its intense card game, a benchmark in the genre. Quick, sometimes fleeting games that always leave you wanting “one more”, a multitude of possibilities to configure your deck, a style of play in which the right card at the right time can change the course of the game – although the virtue This is debatable among the most advanced players, and an effective presentation on both PC and tablets. A player can reasonably advance without paying, but those who pay can complete decks earlier, have more options and access the latest strategies faster than those who do not. But at the same time, many of the most powerful decks historically are made up of quite accessible cards playing for free – with a few exceptions. So it is an open debate, although everyone can agree that to start and thinking of a casual game, it is a title that can be considered free.

World of Tanks:

Another classic played by millions of users is the title of Wargaming, which is still as current as ever – accompanied in addition to its “cousins” World of Warplanes and World of Warships. This F2P goes through a fast, immediate, accessible and fun formula,with a large number of tanks of different types at our disposal with which to compete in tense battles against other players. In addition, although it does not have simulator ideas, it includes a certain attraction for lovers of war history by including locations and tanks typical of World War II. With money you can unlock premium tanks, buy equipment and special ammunition that technically give you an advantage over other players, but none of that will give you a victory against a veteran player, or that is the theory at least.



Another F2P that is very worth trying is this futuristic action title in which we manage what can be defined as “space cyber-ninjas”, carrying out solo or cooperative missions against enemies controlled by AI. We have a wide variety of classes with different abilities, but characterized by their great agility that allows us to walk on the walls, slide and perform all kinds of tricks to avoid enemies or dodge their attacks, a feature that gives them a distinctive air. other shooters more focused on shooting. With a very effective aesthetic and a very considerable amount of content that is always growing, Warframe is a different and high-quality game that can keep us entertained for tens of hours.


Destiny 2:

The move from Destiny 2 to a base F2P model is great news for anyone looking for a quality shooter to play in their spare time. Destined 2 offers a lot of content , an interesting story told at the level expected of an AAA, with very high production values ​​and wide possibilities of playing both solo, with the seal of Bungie, which guarantees polished and very fun action. , competitive or competitive. If you decide that the base experience has convinced you, you can decide to purchase the expansions: Forsaken and Shadowkeep, which are paid.



Clearly inspired by Monster Hunter, Dauntless is an F2P alternative to the Capcom game cut in a similar pattern: a group of player-led hunters against a large and powerful creature. With each completed hunt we will have more resources with which to continue advancing and progressing, opening different combat styles depending on our equipment. It also has the advantage that it is crossplay with practically all systems -including mobile phones in the near future- making it easier to play with your group in any circumstance.


Path of Exile:

The game that, for many, has managed to dethrone Diablo from the peak of the genre. Path of Exile is an F2P developed by fans of the genre, and it shows. It captures like no other that essence of Diablo II that escaped Blizzard itself in its sequel, it has a huge amount of content, a huge development tree and a payment model that can be considered “fair” and that does not prevent enjoying it without putting a euro. In addition to the large amount of content it already has, Path of Exile 2 will arrive in the future, as part of the same game and with a new campaign, also free. An authentic jewel that represents the best of the Free to Play model and an essential for ARPG lovers.


Star Wars: The Old Republic:

The umpteenth re-creation of the Star Wars universe, in turn a second attempt to bring it to the terrain of lingering worlds, takes us back to the years of the Old Republic and the wars between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Bioware has been in charge of putting into practice what was learned with the two installments Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, initially responsible for the idea being carried out. Star Wars: The Old Republic allows us to create a character choosing from several different species and visits dozens of planets in personalized stories for each of the roles, with partners to dialogue with and decisions to make. The free content is very generous, it can be played alone without big problems and the story has great moments (the only downside is that it is not translated into Spanish,


For those looking for a F2P alternative to Overwatch, Paladins is one of the most obvious options. A 5vs5 team hero-shooter with various game modes, more than 40 champions to choose from with their own abilities and a fairly friendly game system for the player who wants to play for free -that is, you can pay to unlock all the champions present and future in one go, and to get a Season Pass with exclusive resources and skins-.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

Almost two decades after Counter-Strike dominated internet cafes around the world, the game remains extremely popular thanks to the strategy of making it F2P, catapulting it to become the most-played title on Steam today, with figures constants that touch the million concurrent users. Being such an established game, the introductory experience can be complicated and requires patience, time and dedication before you can feel like you are doing something relevant – for this, as in any multiplayer team game, it is always better to go with friends- . The game is free, but by paying you access games with other paid users and various extras in the form of skins and objects.



With more than 90 million active users, Roblox is usually less present on video game pages than, for example, Fortnite (which has a similar number of users), surely due to its chaotic nature, which is also what gives it its charm. Roblox is not really a game, they are many, an infinity of them, it is a shared engine in which the most creative ones can devise their own worlds and games, ranging from small spaces to just hang out and chat with friends to ambitious simulations of all kinds. There are all kinds of bets, Battle Royales, mini-GTAs, things like (unofficial) Dragon Ball games, and tons of options, though each game can have individual payout options if it has reached certain popularity.

Dungeon Fighter Online:

One of the most popular multiplayer games in the world, DFO is a Final Fight or Street of Rage style brawler, but under an MMO progression system, which makes it have a wide variety of characters, classes, subclasses and skills. It has the advantage of a certain immediacy compared to other F2P MMOs, since the approach is quite direct and has a long way to go once you start delving into the story. It has a PVP, cooperative mode and a payment system that will give you exclusive items, help in progression and get powerful items before non-paying players. As usually happens in this kind of games, it is a matter of spending money or being patient, it all depends on the priorities of each one. The game is available on Steam, but it is advised to use directly.



The F2P of Electronic Arts and Respawn is the bet of the great software giant so as not to lag behind other alternatives in the popular Battle Royale genre. With a more serious and focused cut than Fortnite, Apex is popular with those who want to play a shooter with a certain foundation against the chaotic games of the festive Epic title. Its payment model focuses on cosmetic elements for characters and weapons, loading screens, music, and other elements that can be purchased either through a battle pass or through microtransactions, so there are no competitive advantages over players who do not want to pay.


Call of Duty: Warzone:

The very popular Call of Duty had made forays into the world of Battle Royale before, but Warzone is the main assault: a completely free and independent game, without dependence on buying other games, crossplay between PC, PS4 and Xbox One and 150 players. spread across a huge map, but with the clear spirit of Modern Warfare in its game mechanics and staging. A new alternative of weight in the panorama of the F2P.



The news from the creators of League of Legends points very high, presenting record numbers in its early days. This reformulation of Counter-Strike combined with elements of hero shooter represents a return to the tactical and cerebral shooter, with a clear and evident vocation to become a reference esport. At the time of writing, this article cannot be played by everyone, as it is in closed beta, and players are gradually being invited through Twitch. But we will be updating as everyone can play.

Team Fortress 2:

The classic Valve shooter has been with us for so long that it is already taken for granted but it is still one of the most regularly played games on Steam and is still a suitable option for all kinds of players thanks to its nine different classes and a large amount of content. free and paid with which to personalize your experience both aesthetically and playable. Some veteran players may argue that the game either needs some major changes, or directly a sequel, but for the new player, Team Fortress 2 is a world to discover, with an active community to accompany it (and without the initial requirement of others). games like Counter Strike).





The closest thing to a Super Smash Bros in F2P and multiplatform model. Dubbed “fighting game and platformer” in the always trying effort to classify titles into genres, the truth is that Brawlhalla is very popular for two fundamental elements: as a game it is very complete; It has a large number of game modes, a good competitive scene and a pleasant difficulty curve in which anyone can start without feeling useless. Further. The other element is an uncomplicated F2P model: the free game incorporates a limited number of rotating characters each week and you can pay or accumulate in-game points to access more or for aesthetic changes in them, in a similar way to League of Legends.


War thunder:

War machinery lovers have a good alternative in War Thunderwith which to give free rein to your fantasies. Collecting vehicles from WWII through the Cold War, the Gaijin Entertianment game spans planes, tanks, and ships of different forces and eras. It has good graphics, excellent models of war machines, it lets you play well, it has a wide variety of modes and an expansive community thanks to its crossplay between different platforms, but the first hours with it will be difficult and the pace of progression without Paying is very frustrating – a long time to unlock not just a vehicle, but a module for it that makes it fairly competitive against other players. The best thing is to try it for yourself and give it a little patience to see if it may interest you.


Plus? Much more:
These are just some of the most popular names, but there are many other alternatives that we are going to try to review in a more summarized way, in order to have a broader perspective of what you can find.

Card games and F2P strategy:
We have mentioned Hearthstone as one of the more established card game options, but there are other options. The most obvious one is the recent Legends of Runeterra , Riot’s card game based on League of Legends which is starting to roll out in open beta. If we want to play the father of all, we have the F2P option of Magic The Gathering Arena , a game that drinks from the classic card title and one of the richest and most complete options that exist, although those who do not want to pay have a long way to go. ahead before having really powerful decks. Also a solid and powerful option is Gwent, the precious F2P card game set in the universe of The Witcher that offers its own rhythm and mechanics that make it a good alternative.



There are many other proposals. For example, lovers of anime aesthetics have Shadowverse , the card game from the house of Granblue Fantasy, which comes with precious art and a very well-measured, generous game with players who don’t want to invest money – although we will always have some frustrating matches with rivals with loaded decks- and an attractive campaign that guarantees a good time even if you do not intend to compete. Also with a remarkable campaign would be Hex , another game that is a good option to spend a few hours entertaining alone, although not to make an investment of time in your multiplayer. We also don’t want to forget about The Elder Scrolls Legends, a good card game based on the Oblivion and Skyrim universe, but for which, unfortunately, there will be no new content in the future, which does not prevent you from enjoying the content you already have. And, as a final alternative, we can target Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links , a very solid, clear and enjoyable version of the Konami card game, with a very active community and a fairly reasonable free progression (although, as always, to advance faster you have to pay), in addition to having the plus of the characters and the setting of the classic manganime.

Outside of cards, the two most obvious and popular options are the so-called “auto chess”, a branch of the MOBA (League of Legends, DOTA2) that combines chess elements with the mechanics of this kind of games, resulting in an experience deep and with endless possibilities, which can also be enjoyed playing solo (they are individual duels, not by teams like the parent games). The two leaders in this recently invented subgenre are Teamfight Tactics (TFT) , which would be the game based on LOL, and DOTA Underlords , based on the game by Valve. Both are free, they have similarities and differences, but they propose a kind of long-lasting game, which can occupy our free time for months.

Commercial games that are now free
In the previous section we have failed to mention another proposal, but which is also perfect to illustrate this point: Starcraft 2 . RTS may have lost popularity from yesteryear, but Blizzard’s game is surely one of the best ever made, and a good chunk of it can now be played for free. The first of the three campaigns, Wings of Liberty, is available to anyone, an excellent alternative to enjoy a great strategy campaign in real time (game of the year in Meristation). To continue with the other two campaigns already requires payment, but it is a good example of what we explain in this category: titles that originally were paid but that for one reason or another can now be played for free.



Another completely free classic RTS is Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun , which can also be played online thanks to the work of the cncnet community. Another attractive option is The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall , Skyrim’s grandfather, and a great RPG in its own right, although it will require an effort to adapt to the mechanics of yesteryear. At GOG, the digital store that offers DRM-free games, we can find a list of classics available for anyone who creates an account, including three highly recommended for lovers of graphic adventure: Beneath of a Steel Sky , Lure of the Temptress and Flight of the Amazon Queen , who share space with the shoot’em up Tyrian 2000, the excellent FPS Shadow Warrior or several installments and spinoff of the Ultima saga, among other options.

We have previously talked about World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV , which have a limited free trial period but cannot be considered “free”, and The Old Republic or Dungeon Fighter Online, which are F2P. But there are many other quality options if you are attracted to the idea of ​​permanent online gaming, since the vast majority of those on the market today follow this model, with more or less success but without monthly fees or mandatory down payments. Among the best we can find Guild Wars 2 , a high-quality title with a large amount of content, excellent production values ​​and a good alternative to the best of the genre. If you are a fan of Star Trek orThe Lord of the Rings , there are also two good options in this space.



From Korea we have a wide variety of persistent titles, with different flavors and strengths, among which we highlight Blade and Soul , with a more dynamic than average combat system, very colorful thanks to its art, with a magnificent soundtrack and a very showy martial arts theme. Tera is another popular and established option, with active servers and a remarkable Hispanic community. Outside the Asian country and to complete this review, we will mention three names: Runescape , a timeless MMO that has been able to renew itself over almost 20 decades; Eve Online, the great space sandbox and one of the most fascinating games that exist due to its epic PVP conflicts, which can be played for free (accepting limitations in progression); And finally, the most recent example: Albion Online , a very interesting and complete M2 F2P sandbox, whose biggest drawback is the lack of European servers and the problems that this causes in PVP for players outside the USA.

A report on free games would not be complete without a genre that has given countless hours of free play to millions of fans around the world. Created by fans but with a massive influence on the history of the video game: extremely random, profound, difficult and extremely playable. They are the primeval RPGs, whose influence reaches our days, from the creation of Diablo to the countless number of roguelikes and roguelites that can be found today.

It is not the most accessible genre out there and the fact that they use generally ASCII graphics makes them hard on the eye, but once you understand their possibilities they are games that can give hundreds and thousands of hours of fun. Among the most popular is TOME , formerly known as Tales of the Middle Earth and later had to be transformed into Tales of Maj’Eyal, a massive random RPG with a gigantic world, rich in lore, multitude of classes and a deep tactical system that makes each foray a challenge (it has a paid version with nicer graphics but the base version is and will always be free, with a cumulative work spanning almost two decades of continued development and creation. Other proper names are Nethack , DCSS, CDDA or UnReal World (which also has a paid version on Steam ), all with their own characteristics, capable of working on any computer and operating system.



And of course what to say about Dwarf Fortress, a game so important that it was exhibited at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. A whole life dedicated to a game in which each game involves the creation of a world, with its history, its own mythology, its nations that grow and fall, its wars, misfortunes and miracles. A title that has given millions of anecdotes, with a simulation so insanely detailed that it simulates independent body aspects of the living creatures that inhabit it and all kinds of behaviors, moods and interactions, independent of the player. Both in the fortress mode, in which we must build a dwarf fortress, manage it and make it prosper -or spectacularly fail in the attempt- or in the adventure mode, in which we play a lonely protagonist in a vast world, Dwarf Fortress is a total game, constantly evolving and it would be able to entertain us for a lifetime if we could only play in it. In the future it will have a paid version with graphics and a more accessible interface, but there are competent options to start playing and, once some concepts have been mastered, it becomes simply irresistible.

“Pay what you want”
Aside from great F2P games, a way to play countless titles for free is found in the indie community gathered around itchi.o . It might seem that Itchi is another digital store, such as Steam or GOG, but in addition to selling games it serves as a meeting point for the most independent community, which makes games for learning, fun or competition through the multiple jams that are held at year – tournaments in which you have to create games in a limited amount of time and compete with other projects. These games, many notable, are usually hosted in this service and you can find real jewels after you spend a little time. Just go to the free games sectionand start exploring the different categories through tags, which will allow you to explore by genres, popularity, time or even present games at random. Once on the page dedicated to the title, you will have a description and a “Download Now” button, in which you can put a voluntary amount of money for the author or click on “No, thanks” to download the game directly (although if , a posteriori, it turns out that you liked a particular game a lot, it never hurts to come back to leave that tip).

Other alternatives
Finally, by going over all the options, there are a few more alternatives that deserve consideration. For example, at there is a fantastic repository of MS-DOS games that can be played directly from the browser, including long-standing great games like Prince of Persia, Sim City, The Oregon Trail or The Secret of the Monkey Island, working from the browser with just a click. On Steam, there is a category of free games in which more than 3000 F2P and completely free titles come together -some excellent ones like the recent Star Fetchers-. The Epic store hands out free games every week just for having an account. And let’s not forget the demos, more than 3000 available in its category within Steam, which is also another way to enjoy hours of free content – and, incidentally, learn about a game that may interest you for the future. Also worthy of mention is the Flashpoint project, an attempt to preserve more than 38,000 games created for the Flash format in the browser, at risk of being lost due to the withdrawal of that format, an insane library where you can find hours of fun.



Over time we will update this report to add relevant news, but after all this review, we hope that the message is evident: there are unlimited possibilities to play for free on this platform, to experiment, discover and contribute to a creative community that is Always active. As users, we can only be grateful and value all the gigantic offer that we have at our disposal. It only takes a little interest to discover the appropriate game for each one.


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Best Free Games 2020 The Top free PC games on Steam
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